The future is in your hands

Launch campaign for startup that changed VAT management

Project Overview

The Challenge

Fiscozen, a revolutionary startup in the field of tax consulting, needed impactful and disruptive communication to strongly establish its presence in the market.

Creative Strategy
Content Production

Social Campaign

We created out-of-the-box content creation that could explain the product's technical features in an engaging way through carefully crafted storytelling.

By carefully analyzing Fiscozen's target audience, we identified the 5 professions that use the platform the most. We thus developed customized mini-spots for each of them, aiming to capture their attention through targeted ad campaigns.

Nicolò Volanti

Creativity, proactivity and quick execution, together with strong empathy, make every day on set and the entire review phase both efficient and rewarding.

Nicolò Volanti
Creative Manager in Fiscozen