ITS Academy

Land of High Education

Social Campaign for schools of higher learning in the Veneto region

Project Overview

The Challenge

The Veneto region chose us to promote the ITS Academy schools, a project strongly supported by the region, to boost professional education in the area.

Creative Strategy
Content Production
ITS Academy

Social Campaign

We focused on a creative idea that could stimulate virality and sharing. By bringing to the stage a generational contrast, expressed through both dialogue and set design, we highlighted the strengths of the course of study while answering the doubts and questions of the most skeptical viewer.

In order to offer a complete picture, we collected direct testimonies from former students who completed the ITS Academy pathway. In doing so, we highlighted in a spontaneous and direct way the possibilities of the study path.

Chiara Dussini

I have had the opportunity to work with promd on several projects, and they have always been able to interpret the needs expressed with great creativity and succeeded in surprising in the final result.

The ease of communication, a well-aligned team and (something that is less and less taken for granted today) attention to detail and accuracy have reduced the effort required for the project by no small margin.

Chiara Dussini
ITS Communications Manager